Thursday, June 13, 2013

Home Sweet Home; Back from Milwaukee

The lilacs were in full bloom before I left.
Glorious spring!
I have returned from The Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee, and am tired and happy.  I taught a 4-day Master Class on rings in PMC Sterling.  The class had 22 students, and with erin meharg's excellent assistance, we fired 99 rings (all PMC Sterling) with 100% success (no sintering problems).  Of those 99 rings, 92 shrank as predicted; 3 sizes from fresh to fired (using the technique I use and teach for refining, sanding, etc).  Most of the 7 that were smaller than predicted were so because the makers varied their technique; in other words there was a reasonable explanation. 
In addition to diamond rings, students made rings varied from these samples.

Of the 99 rings, 59 had diamonds fired in place.  The diamonds behaved perfectly and were very popular!  We also used 24K gold foil to keum-boo the sterling rings (no depletion gilding).
Erin's lovely diamond ring.
All in all it was a great trip.  I saw so many people I haven't seen in a long time and once again celebrated my B'Day at the show. 

Me and Marlene Vail 

Hard at work in the kiln room.

I'll be back next year for a new Master Class on making simpler hinges.
I have a couple of places left in my upcoming July classes on these topics; Hinged Book Charms and Sterling Rings.  Also in the Treasures bracelet Class.


  1. Mmmm Mom's all time favorite flower. My brother and I would pick a bunch from a huge bush in our neighborhood growing up (in CT). I sure miss that smell living in FL for 25+ years now. Love your hinge book charms!

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